10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.

10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.
When people think Hard Summer, the typical reaction is a wave warm sweaty memories hearing their favorite song for the first time live with their best friends. Some our most legendary HARD memories are watching Baauer b2b RL Grime at the LA Historic Park, seeing Disclosure perform on the Underground Stage, experiencing Gesaffelstein in a massive warehouse, and having an out--body experience as Dog Blood destroys every and all genre barriers. But I'll be honest: if this festival were for everyone, it would be called Easy Summer, but that's just the point. has been known to push the envelope in America for 10 years now, bringing out the freshest talent in a festival setting before anyone else in the nation - since 2007. It has always been a festival for those in the know, more specifically, the more musically inclined crowd the greater Los Angeles area. But it doesn't take a local to see the beauty this lineup. The lineup for 2017 is an emotional one, combining legends from past lineups together with some the most anticipated underground talent the electronic music scene today.  Gary Richards () is paying homage to the artists who's music has always been prevalent at Hard Events but was never quite given the platform, until now. We could go on forever, but here are my top 10 reasons why this year's Hard Summer lineup is the Greatest Of All Time: 1. The French #Frexit is upon us bringing , , , , , , , , and on a silver platter like car.  On one hand you have Hard events legacy artists like , , , and .  On the other you have the latest pioneers French house music like , , , , and .  This is a beautiful blend combining both the old classic sounds that forever shaped music with the newer ground-breaking styles being pushed from our French allies. 2. The British This year, Gary got indulgent with his curation British talent. Amidst the lineup you will find , , , , , , and representing the top trending and forward thinking artists the music scene today.  Grime's popularity (more specifically  's career) has been steadily rising since 2015, but anyone more immersed in the British music scene understands ('s brother) and (basically God) will be some the most unique and anticipated sets the weekend. 3. Snoop Dogg If you ever have nostalgia for the '90s, Snoop Dogg performing Doggystyle from 1992 should satisfy your desire for simpler times.  Nothing is more Los Angeles than some classic '90s hip-hop vibes to close out a night heavy electronic music. There is almost a sure-fire Coachella-esq surprise guest appearance bound to happen because, we all know, that's how Snoop likes to roll. 4. The Russians ? In all my years raving I can't recall a single night where I found myself watching a single Russian artist.  Whats exciting about this year's lineup is the addition 2 Russian artists, and .  Volac has recently released a new song with Destructo () and is known for their very Brazilian bass influenced music.  Both Volac and Phlegmatic Dogs are affiliated with the Los Angeles label  leading up to what I'm sure will be an experience unlike most. 5. The Women

What stands out most notably about this lineup is the influx new names.  When delving a bit deeper, you discover that 25 the 110 artists performing are women. Thats 1/4th the entire festival lineup as compared to the lower percentages most electronic music events ().  Whats even more exciting about this list is the various genres and countries these women represent, adding an entirely new cultural and female perspective to the ten standardized sets their male counterparts.

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6. The Potential

10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.

7. The Tradition

There are some true ride-or-die's on this years lineup including , , , , , and . You even see all your usual suspects on the line up such as , (fka Flosstradamus), , , , and . While most event-goers complain about lineups repeating, Hard keeps a strong middle tier lineup to hold together the best and the upcoming. Which leads me to... 8. The Underground Sleeper cells to look out for include: , , , , , , , , and .  While a few these artists have been lingering the scene for years, they've mastered the elusive skill dodging the mainstream spotlight. Do not give them a free opt out at Hard Summer. These artists are known to throw down some the most insane productions and thrifty tracks around that you will probably never hear on a massive festival sound system again. Also this new artist ... just kidding. 9. The Mainstream What I love about Hard Events is the headliners are never some radio one-hit-wonder who blew up over night. Hard consistently books top quality acts based on legacy rather than recency.  Pro this is long time crowd pleasers , , , , , , , , , and .  No one knows what it takes to carry lasting fame with class in the music industry like these artists do.  There's a reason they've been performing as long as they have and are still headliners today. 10. Don't believe me? Believe the hype. Name me a more on-brand festival that remains true to its roots in its respective city - I'll wait. 10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.       10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.     10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.     Tickets go on sale 2-Day Passes Starting: $129 Single Day Passes Starting: $89 10 Reasons the Hard Summer 2017 Lineup is the G.O.A.T.

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