300lbs of Guwop – Teefus

80 Pro Inc. innovators and visually awe-inspiring artists 300 Rez and DK Guwop come together to form the eccentric duo known as 300lbs Guwop. 300 Rez is known for his unmistakable, resonating deep tone, and undeniable melodies, while DK Guwop adds a quirky facet to their music that perfectly balances the work they create.

Following the release their instantly-infectious track “Teefus,” 300lbs Guwop call on director Ryan Lightbourn to visualize the vivacious single. Capturing the duo in their element, the ficial music video encompasses Rez and DK’s jol demeanor, incomparable flare, and unmatched style, creating an extraordinary representation what they truly represent.

“Teefus” is available now on iTunes.