4th of July in Chicago

4th  July in Chicago
Falling on a Tuesday, 4th July is weird this year. Most people plan to bbq, spend time with family, maybe got to the neighborhood block party. The craziest that the 99% plans to get is maybe go see the renegade firework show put on by the obligatory firework smuggling neighbor. For us dance music junkies, however, days f work that hit in the middle the week can only mean one thing: day party. In the height a Chicago summer, those day soiree's are much welcome. I don't typically write about individual parties anymore. I prefer to create a sense community by grouping everyone's events into one guide to the weekend. But just like a holiday that falls into the middle the work week, this particular event stands out as anything other than typical. It's put on by Zavodila Presents and Sin Label. You've probably heard Sin Label as the dudes who used to put on the boat party series on the Anita Dee, but Zavodila is what I'm actually excited about. See after the Reverse Tech(no) parties got shut down, the partners took a bit time f. Probably thanked their lucky stars that they had as long a run as they did and went back to their day jobs? Who knows. What I do know is that unlike the renegades and afterhours that have filled the void those parties created, the Tech(no) parties brought a level production value, sound, musical talent, attention to detail, and pressional organization that rivaled that event run in an established club. If Oliver Heldens likes to fancy himself as the guy who brings the underground to the main stage, I would argue that the Tech(no) parties brought main stage pressionalism to the underground. Fast forward 2 years and one the partners Reverse Events has resurfaced under his newly minted Zavodila brand to throw this rotop shindig with Sin Label. From a music standpoint, we have a solid representation the best Chicago has to fer with acts that include Gene Farris, Ron Carroll, Steve Gerard, Dustin Sheridan, Hunter Vita, and Cold Tech. Located at 3033 N Clark, food will be catered for FREE by Hubbard Inn from 5 pm - 9 pm. Tickets can be purchased Hope to see you there.