AFEM Announces First Phase of Electronic Music Ambassadors at IMS

As the electronic music scene becomes more prominent and deeply engrained in popular culture, the scene gets placed under more a microscope in the public eye. In early 2013, The non-prit “Association For Electronic Music” (AFEM) was founded by Ben Turner and Kurosh Nasseri to advocate for electronic music culture and “to represent the common interests those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Dance Music” ().

Today, the influential organization announced its first wave music ambassadors at the International Music Summit in Ibiza. Among the ambassadors are Armin Van Buuren, Black Cfee, Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk, Seth Troxler, and Nicole Moudabear among other fantastic representatives from music culture. The panel gives a wide range artists and influencers to represent all genres and interests in the electronic music scene.

The group intends on tackling issues such as royalty transparency, diversity, piracy, and other hot-button topics that are so prevalent in the electronic music industry today. The panel will sure to be a great place for good discourse about the problems that desperately need to be discussed surrounding the dance music.

The second phase  AFEM artist ambassadors will be revealed at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this October.