Amazon Planning To Launch Streaming Service This Year

Amazon Planning To Launch Streaming Service This Year

There hasn’t been a hotter topic in music than streaming in 2016. Although Spotify leads the race with over 30 million subscribers, fairly new services such as Apple Music and TIDAL have used tools such as artist exclusives to boost their subscriptions and catch up to the powerhouse streaming company.

Now, Amazon appears to be the latest to join the competition, as Reuters reports that the online marketplace is planning to launch an $9.99 monthly subscription streaming service anywhere between late summer and early fall this year.

The company will look to tie in Amazon Echo, the company’s speaker that responds to voice commands and also can make to-do lists, set alarms, play audiobooks, and provide weather, traffic and other real time information.

Insiders don’t believe that Amazon will pose much of a threat to Spotify, as they seem to benefit from the launches of other streaming services, but may pull a few subscribers away from Apple Music. David Pakman, a man who helped in the start of Apple Music, believes Amazon “might take a little oxygen out of Apple’s potential pool of paying users,” a pool that has amassed over 13 million subscribers since last June.

Stay tuned as we see which company is next to join the party in 2016.

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