Are You Ready for Trygge's Underwater Space Disco?

Trygge is a Norwegian-American producer based out Los Angeles who is coming into the electronic music scene from the film industry, where he has been the music supervisor for popular movies such as, ‘‘. The move makes sense since soundtracks to movies are similar to a lot electronic music. Both tell a story through fluctuating tempos and intensities while evoking emotion.

Trygge’s first release is called, ‘Exist’, a cinematic exploration loss through melodic space and time.

Although this is his first release, it is obvious he has a strong musical background with how well he structures the single. You will be able to appreciate the care and time he puts into making this piece, as he layers in intricate and unique details. He creates his signature sound by using effects that sound like they are traveling underwater.

Are you ready for the underwater space disco?

Strap in for the musical journey Trygge take us on for ‘Exist’. Get pleasantly lost in the spacey synths and drift away with the sounds. This piece starts downtempo then kicks up a notch halfway through to take us to an out this world disco. The leading synth has a life it’s own and is very alluring. Enjoy his sonic exploration by not hesitating to follow him into the depths.

Listen to Trygge’s ‘Exist’ below: 

Allow your imagination to grow as you listen to ‘Exist’.

As the track begins, find yourself dripping to a sea floor to discover alien creatures boogieing down to funky grooves at an underwater discoteca. As the music turns slow and strange, you are exploring the new environment, trying to make friends, yet unsure how.

Then you remember you have your love to share, so you reach out to give a creature a hug. That is the moment when you get wholeheartedly welcomed into the party so the DJ kicks up the beat and the underwater party is ficially lit. What kind sweet dance moves do you think you could pull underwater? How could you manipulate lasers?

Needless to say, we are looking forward to Trygge‘s next release for his ‘MYST EP’ so we can be taken to another adventurous party that surpasses our wildest imagination. Stay in touch with Trygge‘s latest by following him on all his social media handles listed below.

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