Behind the Beat: GTA

Behind the Beat: GTA
The Miami duo Julio Mejia and Matt Toth better known as GTA have a lot good times ahead as they have continued to produce hit after hit without sticking to a defined genre. They are having a strong year so far on the festival circuit and at their residency in Las Vegas at . GTA went Behind the Beat just before their in Miami. Only The Beat: Take us back. Where was your first ficial gig at GTA? Julio Mejia: We got paid like $10 one time in an alleyway. Just kidding...I would say in 2011 when we went to LA where we played at some super small clubs and in like a basement a restaurant. We probably made like $50 bucks actually. It was a long time ago. OTB: Who or what has been most inspirational or helpful in your music careers? JM: There are so many people. Obviously, the big guys Diplo and Skrillex are always so inspirational and always looking forward trying to push music in general. Pharrell has also been a huge inspiration to us from the beginning and Timbaland. In electronic dance music there are so many other guys like for his DJ style, which has influenced us so much. Floss, even Tiesto and some the Trance guys. We try to listen to everything and take inspiration from anywhere. OTB: What is your favorite track the you produced so far? JM: Very difficult question. I would say our album in general, "Good Times Ahead". It was such a process for us versus everything else we have made. It took us a long time to find the direction that we were looking for in an album. That entire project is one the proudest things for me. OTB: Is it harder to get discovered in the industry or maintain the status being one the top DJ/producer duos? Matt Toth: I think it is easier to stay at the top, but it is hard for you to maintain if you are not constantly putting out quality work. Now producers are everywhere and you have to distinguish yourself. JM: Especially nowadays with everything going online. There is a new guy everyday. It is definitely hard to keep it fresh all the time. OTB: What advice do you have for an aspiring DJ that is trying to get a shot in the industry? JM: Don't limit yourself in your music. We have pushed ourselves a lot with our "Death to Genres" mantra. We have always liked different types music. We love playing all kinds music as long as it has the energy we are looking for. Don't be closed-minded. Music is supposed to be a mixture everything. It is supposed to be everything. It is art and art can be anything. OTB: Your 2015 track "Prison Riot" with Floss, Lil Jon is arguably the craziest track ever. Can you tell us a little bit about this track? MT: Shoutout to Floss and Lil Jon. We did that one when we were on the HDYnation Tour. JM: That track was almost two years in the making before it actually came out. We had gone back and forth with Floss on two different ideas. We went on the Floss tour and we were on the bus for a long period time and finally put it together. We got that ridiculous drop together that goes f every time no matter where we are. That track is really crazy. MT: That is one our favorites for sure.

Flosstradamus & GTA & Lil Jon - Prison Riot

OTB: What is your advice on surviving a mosh pit? JM: Pace yourself. I have seen so many people get wrecked. Broke my back. MT: Keep your elbows out. JM: Also, don't forget to pick each other up. That is the most important thing to remember. You are trying to lovingly harass people and rage together. OTB: Where do you see the dance music industry going in the next five years? New technology? Changes? MT: It is hard to say. There are so many things that could affect it. New technology could make things way easier for people to make music. JM: In terms sound, I think it will get more into sub genres. It happens to everyone for the most part. You start out in mainstream dance music and then you realize what you like more than others. People like certain things. I think people are becoming a lot more educated to what they want. OTB: What are your other interests or hobbies outside DJing and producing? JM: Video games. Food. MT: Cooking. Red Lobster. I have been going there every year since my 8th birthday. I will still say that Red Lobster is the greatest chain restaurant. JM: Red Lobster and Olive Garden are the top two. OTB: What can we expect from you this year and big releases, collaborations, shows? JM: We have a ton collaborations and we know a lot our followers really want to see them very soon. We have a big thing on . Lots club and festival stuff. We are constantly touring so we will have a lot shows and energy. No sleep.

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