Billboard Music Awards 2017: The Chainsmokers Recieve 22 Nominations

The Billboard Music Awards 2017 have ficially announced their list nominations. If you couldn’t have guessed by the year they have had already cleaned up in terms recognition from the chart’s ficial awards show. That’s right Drew and Alex have received twenty two nominations for the Billboard Musics Awards 2017.

Billboard Music Awards 2017: The Chainsmokers Recieve 22 Nominations

Other Notable Nominations For The Billboard Music Awards 2017

The Chainsmokers were not the only group to score an insane amount nominations for the Billboard Music Awards 2017. Drake also tied the duo with a mind bending 22 nods. Coming up in second is Twenty One Pilots who refuse to be confined to a clear and obvious genre or category (is it alt rock or indie rock or like sad kids grow up and start listening too?) picked up 17 nominations. Finally Rihanna fresh f her success with once again picked up 14 nods. The Billboard Music Awards 2017 are heating up to be an interesting award show.

The Chainsmokers Are Up Against Some Serious Competition

The Chainsmokers have received a mixed review on their . While many critics thought it was an interesting episodic approach to an album which the duo clearly produced in hopes sustaining momentum in the pop world, a lot their original EDM based supporters railed the freshman effort as tacky, messy and all around boring. Still while views were mixed the duo still grabbed 22 nominations at the Billboard Music Awards 2017. They are laced across the 6 categories but include top artist, top duo/group, top dance/electronic artist, top 100 artist, top dance/electronic song and many more.

That being said while The Chainsmokers are favored in some categories in the Billboard Music Awards 2017 it will not be a walk in the park. Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, and Lindsey Stirling are also up for the top dance/electronic artists. In the album category they have to go up against (and will probably rightfully lose to) . The Billboard Music Awards 2017 take place on Sunday, May 21st and will be broadcast on ABC.

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