Catch A Glimpse of Eric Prydz Presents Pryda at Factory 93

Catch A Glimpse  Eric Prydz Presents Pryda at Factory 93

Pasquale Rotella, the owner Insomniac, has recently launched a new project located in The Warehouse District Downtown Los Angeles called Factory 93, which brings fans back to the former roots the dance music community- the underground. Since its grand opening last May, artists like Doc Martin, Green Velvet, and Claude VonStroke have made appearances, setting the tone for a journey like no other back to the underground. The founders Factory 93 have continued to dedicate this project to instilling the true essence techno and house back into the hearts the dance community, creating an atmosphere like nothing we have seen in a very, very long time.

“I’ve loved warehouse parties since the day I walked into one as a youngster,” Pasquale reminisces. “The way the bass rattles the metal and reverberates through the walls, the condensation that forms on the ceiling from all the heat and energy in the room—those experiences changed my life and made me want to devote my life to dance music.”

Eric Prydz has just captivated the Los Angeles underground scene this past weekend as he presents Pryda, one his many variety stage names, at Factory 93 with this unbelievable performance that was caught on film for our viewing pleasure. Prydz’s infamous progressive house sound echoes f the walls this quaint warehouse and you can almost see the heat and the energy that pulsates f the crowd in such a small space. Prydz has made a name for himself as one the world’s most in-demand underground spinners and producers and has played on some dance music’s biggest stages, so seeing him perform in such an intimate setting is quite beautiful and truly an experience a lifetime for those who were present.

Watch the full set Eric Prydz at Factory 93 here: