Check Out How EDM's Top Stoners Reacted to and Celebrated 4/20

Well today was 4/20, the day that is dedicated to one thing and one thing only. The birth the Wisconsin territory in 1836 and the failure the pay pigs operation in 1961. Actually that way two things and neither are what we are talking about here today. April 20th is course international Marijuana day. It is a day to roll an L, take a dab, rip a tube and generally get high. Of course while 4/20 is just another day the year for many the artists we will feature below, as they are the pressional smokers the dance music world, we still wanted to see what they were up to. We rounded up EDM's top stoners on what their 4/20 consisted .

Everyone knows Griz loves his nugs so lets take a peek into the world the saxophone mastermind below.

Our favorite is this one as he clearly got so stoned that he just forgot where he was going with this tweet:

Next on the docket with have a duo how dance music bros who love the green so damn that they even named their DJ act directly after the bud. Let's see how LOUDPVCK spent the day. It mostly consisted reminding people that they get high as fuck all day every day.

Then clearly the munchies took over and Wing Stop got involved.

LOUDPVCK will be playing in Austin, TX tonight as well for an event called SESH. So we can take a stab at how their day is going to end.

is celebrating his first 4/20 as a solo act but the solitude did not seem to bother him. Specifically since he is playing a sold out headlining show at Red Rocks with Gucci Mane tonight.

He also is hosting a Baked Sale on ficial merch, so if you wanted some gear from Floss today is the day to do so –

Big Gigantic took the LOUDPVCK route and reminded everyone that they stoned everyday in every way.

tweeted out a series messages that clearly contained a sesh in between the first and last tweets.

Ganja White Night who clearly has some love for the ganja as it served as a name sake jumped on a marijuana rally and celebrated a birthday on 4/20!


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