Check Out This LAX Style Security That Mirrors That Of Coachella

Check Out This LAX Style Security That Mirrors That Of CoachellaA Facebook video has gone viral over the weekend showcasing the very lax security screening implemented by a lone security guard. The security guard lightly hovers his fingers over festival goers in the same fashion as the metal detector measure at LAX. One hilariously suggested that although his expression says it all, perhaps “the metal detectors are inside his fingertips.” The source the video is unknown and with deeper observation, it doesn’t seem to be from this year’s Coachella. However, if you’ve been to the Indio festival, you’ll get the joke.

The video draws a familiar parallel to the notorious security measures that are implemented at Coachella year after year. As the capacity guests increases yearly, festival security ten struggles to keep up with the surge festival goers. I’ve witnessed people at Coachella get their drugs confiscated by security to only be scolded by a verbal warning. This makes sense when you think about the fact that most security hired at big music festivals are volunteers that don’t give a damn if you pull out a joint so long as it’s not a knife.

Check out the hilarious video below for yourself.