Codes’ Bootleg ‘Bumps to Life’ Ushers in New Reality for Remixes

Codes' Bootleg 'Bumps to Life' Ushers in New Reality for Remixes
' hit has been making waves ever since its release on  back in November 2016 (not to mention the funky ). Finding support among some the most explosively successful artists this season, the track quickly found a place in sets artists like and while settling on the top Beatport charts. Taking advantage the benefits the newly formed start-up , Codes infuses 'Bumps' with the legendary Soul II Soul 90's hit .  Bootleg mashups are nothing new. I could argue that hearing Girl Talk's mixtape back in the day was very likely my first exposure to "electronic music" (assuming electronic music is so broadly defined so as to encompass two or more songs playing at the same time in a complimentary fashion). But what Codes' has here is a bit different. It's been discussed in a number articles including and , Dubset has developed a method properly distributing royalties on bootlegs and mashups that include samples from artists on Sony Music, and nearly 35,000 other, smaller labels. Tech Crunch has reported that similar deals are in the works with Warner and Universal. Ultimately, this will likely negatively affect SoundCloud and likely create a home for unficial works to the likes Spotify and Apple Music (which is good, because I'm sick hearing about whether SoundCloud will go bankrupt or not). The track itself is not only representative the kinds works Dubset will help facilitate, but also combines 90's house nostalgia with the quirky weirdness some our favorite house tracks today. I can remember "Back to Life" in my childhood, usually popping up in the PE class my rural Texas schools (I'd wager that it appears on the seminal cassettes). With the help Dubset, Codes now has the ability to draw from these influences we all know and love and infuse them with his personality, creating a track that is simultaneously intuitively familiar and undeniably modern. This is just the beginning the door that has been opened for Codes, and other like-minded producers. They can breathe new life into tracks through platforms that can reach a much broader audience than ever before.

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