Corey James Elaborates on his New EP with Mambos Ibiza Vibes [Exclusive Interview]

Corey James has been on top his game since his 2015 debut, and it looks like he has no reasons to stop. Aside from his high prile collaborations on record labels like SIZE, Axtone, Protocol and Spinnin’, and support from a slew big names (, , , and for starters), Corey James teamed up with to craft his next banging project.

We sat down with the DJ and producer himself to get the skinny on his fresh-out--the-box EP.

You released your Time Goes By EP with Marcus Schossow on the 31st; can you tell us a little more about the musical direction your new EP compared to your older work (like “Tenpaku” with WILL-K for example)?

What are the typical inspirations or vibes when you sat down with Marcus to make this EP?

You just came f fresh from playing Creamfields this year; how did year on stage compare to the last time you played?

We heard you have quite the collection unreleased tracks, including collabs with , , , etc. Do you have any personal relations to some these tracks that haven’t been released yet? Are there any tracks you’ve been wanting to drop, but haven’t found a specific place or time for them?

What do you think has been your favorite collaboration experience so far, be it a released track or unreleased?

What are some the places you haven’t toured yet, but are excited to play?

Your status as a respected DJ has risen exponentially in the past few years. Have there been any feelings culture shock with your newfound fame and shout-outs from other artists?

What key differences have you seen between electronic music produced in the U.S., compared to the scene in the U.K.?

Any future plans for a full-length fully realized LP?

Thanks for sitting down with us. Do you have any final words for your American fans across the pond? Do you dig chicks with American accents?

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