Crywolf Opens Up in His Latest EP ‘Skeletons’

Crywolf Opens Up in His Latest EP 'Skeletons'
Crywolf, otherwise known as Justin Taylor Phillips, has been known to release "post-EDM" era tracks recently released his EP 'Skeletons'. I've listened to Crywolfs new EP close to 20 times now and every time I listen to it, I sink deeper into it. Having always been a fan, it became pretty apparent while listening to the EP that he truly has exposed his inner thoughts. In his own words he described these tracks as, "excruciatingly vulnerable" which is a turning point in his career since he was able to reveal himself. Each track in 'Skeletons' is a masterpiece and to say that one is better than the other would be doing injustice to the whole EP. The EP progresses seamlessly from one track to the next, each showing us a different facet his thoughts. It's rare to come across tracks that have such well thought out lyrics these days. This EP does is laid out almost perfectly. 'Weight' is one those tracks where he is able to show f his falsetto as it floats over the guitar chords. This track shows us just how cautious and timid he is to the idea being loved. He then takes us into 'Windswept', which gives me chills every time I listen to it. If I had to describe this song in one word it would be 'saudade', it made me feel nostalgic but hopeful. As you follow the song you reach a point where you're just tearing up because the lyrics speak volumes. This line gets me every time, "And I see your face through his eyes with every move your hips you're breaking my bones while holding me hostage" and how could it not?

Crywolf - Skeletons

To me this EP was reminiscent an epic poem taking us through the various stages what once lay over the skeleton. Justin Phillips said that was his greatest artistic and creative achievement however, I think he outdid himself with this one. To be able to unmask and lay out all his thoughts is to me the epitome artistic.

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