Datsik and Bais Haus Discuss the Inner Workings and Future of Ephwurd

is an artist that needs no introduction; so far his brooding sounds dark and bombastic energies has developed him into a favored dubstep artist. Now, Datsik is not only switching his sounds up for the sake artistic progression, but is reigniting the house-like spark between himself and more house-orientated partner, Bais Haus.

The combined effort and genre-bending duo known as emerged in the summer 2015, and the rest has been history. thatDROP was more than happy to sit down with Troy Beetles and Haus, the masters themselves, in the middle their Summer 2017 tour to get to know them better.

Ephwurd has undoubtedly left a large impression, musically, as two very diverse artists who make their unique styles work in harmony on the finished track; how did you make your different styles work in complete unison?

Before releasing that fateful “Lean On” remix that put you as a duo out in the open, how did Datsik and Bais Haus originally come together as a collaborative effort?

As artists with distinct personas and musical styles, how do you normally work over creative differences if you have them]?

You guys are fresh f your appearance EDC Vegas 2017, is there any specific experiences on and f the stage that you walked away with from this year?

Aside from your Summer Tour that is already in full swing, do you have any new material in the works you would like to tell us about?

With full-time efforts going into both the “Datsik” and “Bais Haus” names, how do you usually find the time to get together and make music? Can an Ephwurd collaboration come out blind inspiration, or do you set times during the year to focus on the duo’s work?

What has been the most interesting aspect combining your efforts to build Ephwurd musically?

Are there any artists in the future that you both would like to collaborate under the Ephwurd name?

Once again, we want to thank you for taking the time out your busy schedules to answer all our most burning questions at thatDROP.com; is there any last words you want to leave for your Arizona fans out there?

Enjoy a playlist Ephwurd originals below:

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