Deadmau5 Shares Facts About His Cube 2.1 Stage

Deadmau5 Shares Facts About His Cube 2.1 Stage

Unlike many today’s musicians, Joel Zimmerman, known by many as his artist alias deadmau5, is a very open artist who speaks his mind and shares whatever information he wants. Today, we are lucky enough that he took to Twitter to share some random and fun facts about his new Cube 2.1 stage.

We get the type information that we may not need, but we love to hear it and learn about it and would never have known without it coming from the mau5 himself.

First, Zimmerman chose to share just exactly what the Cube 2.1 is made up :

He goes on to talk about just how powerful these panels are and how they can essentially blind the whole crowd with the rig:

Zimmerman then goes into the video side and shares just how many frames video the system utilizes and how they essentially created a feature films worth content:

He then goes into the dimensions the cube sharing that it weights 10,500 pounds:

Zimmerman continued tweeting random little facts about the cube sharing that it only has three sides because it costs about 700k per side. He finished f this surprisingly pleasant twitter rant by calling the cube a terrible business model, but he’s willing to lose money to give the fans his absolute best work.

Check out deadmau5 and his mighty as he continues his ‘lots shows in a row’ tour throughout the US.