Disco Dive’s 7 Year Anniversary Pool Party: The Best of the Underground

Disco Dive's 7 Year Anniversary Pool Party: The Best  the Underground
Photo: Anton Tumas fills the dance floor at Disco Dive's 7 year anniversary party. Credit: Dennis Donahue event's Facebook page. Sometimes it takes stepping outside the underground electronic music scene to really appreciate the events that local promoters and acts put together. It’s easy to get spoiled with weekly pool parties and multiple perfectly-executed events every week in Los Angeles. On Independence Day, I went with a friend to a party in the Hills. The name the party, which was a bit vulgar, should have been my first clue that music wasn’t the motivation for this party. I arrived upon the scene, and a cranky elderly man had some 20-something faux-tanned girls holding onto his arm for support, unstable in towering heels. It seemed that all the females there were trying to dumb themselves down in hopes getting the attention the few males at the party (we were told not to bring guys).  The complimentary open bar couldn’t cut through the complete lack friendliness. One guy actually stepped BETWEEN my friend and I to talk to her, turning his back to me. Most importantly, the dance floor remained empty for the majority the event. I tell this story because my recent experiences with Disco Dive as event producers/promoters and Liquid Frequencies as a venue have been in stark and wonderful contrast to this. I attended my first Disco Dive event at a frequent venue fantastic music, The Standard Downtown LA rotop. Their bookings, and Chaim, were enough to convince me to attend. The event was very well organized, and the music was perfection. This past Sunday, I headed to the West Side to Liquid Frequencies, a pool and bar venue behind the Custom Hotel near LAX.  Disco Dive partnered with Deep Downunder Productions for their seven year anniversary party, featuring YokoO, Anton Tumas, and Benjamin K. My last time at Liquid Frequencies was for XLR8R, Cyclone & Roam Music bringing Andrey Pushkarev, WXC and Highkin in May, and you couldn’t ask for a better antidote to overpriced and ego-driven typical LA pool parties. Disco Dive’s edition continued the trend Liquid Frequencies being a fantastic venue choice. Tumas and Benjamin K kept it deep, but also considered the pool party environment, filling the dance floor shortly after the event opened. If a rest was needed, the venue had steps/risers that overlook the pool. Seating is an t-overlooked aspect party planning, and especially needed for a 7-hour daytime party. The seating was all open- from the pool chairs, to the terrace couches, to the bar tables. No playing the “do I need to order an overpriced bottle alcohol to sit here?” game. YokoO brought his particular brand soulful but cerebral house, and the party was able to extend a bit- no one wanted to abandon the dance floor. Most importantly, though, was the attitude the attendees. This party drew a crowd that I consider ideal for a party: some crazy characters, a good amount beautiful but friendly people, and a hell a lot dance floor maniacs. I don’t know many other music scenes where so many people come up to introduce themselves, or compliment your dancing or outfit. So make sure you get out to these events and support the people who work hard to make sure we have an amazing and safe environment to party. And for those you who may be new to the scene or sick toxic clubs, take a little dip into the deep side- I promise, you’ll make plenty friends on the dance floor. Next up, Disco Dive's night iteration, Night Dive pairs up with Subtract Music for:  this Friday, July 14th.  Liquid Frequencies and Deep Downunder Productions continue pool party excellence this Sunday, July 16th for:   Click links for more information.