Dj DLC's Melodic House Track "Sunlight" Radiates Feel Good Vibes

On September 29, California-based DJ and music producer , known by friends as Anthony De La Cruz, dropped a melodic, deep house track titled Sunlight. This feel good, summer track consists deep house and st piano sounds which brings listeners back to a fun-filled, June beach day.

Dj DLC’s melodic house track, Sunlight, radiates feel good, summer vibes.

Sunlight takes listeners back to a glistening summer beach day.

As you listen to this track, you can feel the sun radiating on your skin. The delicate piano sounds bring a smile to your face. The deep house vibe makes you want to move your feet as you imagine yourself dancing with all your closest companions on a California beach.

Listen below to Dj DLC’s track, Sunlight:

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