DNA Surprises KOTD Crowd As Dizaster's Mystery Opponent

If you were betting on the identity of Dizaster's mystery opponent for KOTD's "Battles At The Bunker," chances are you're out some money.

Pretty much no one guessed the secret identity of the unannounced competitor that turned out to be Queens, N.Y. veteran DNA at the Saturday (June 25) event in Los Angeles.

In an experimental concept match, Dizaster didn't know who he'd be facing in the one-round battle, and waited in the ring for the reveal. DNA entered from a side door and made his way through the crowd to take his place in the ring.

Dizaster vs DNA is the surprise match!

A video posted by BattleRap.com (@battlerapdotcom) on

There had been much speculation ahead of the event, with fans guessing names like Serius Jones, Danny Myers and Charron as possible participants, and the presence of high-profile rappers Pass, Daylyt and Illmaculate in the audience kept people guessing until the last moment.

Dizaster and DNA have clashed before, in a legendary marathon of a battle that was co-hosted by Drake in Toronto in 2011. That intense match-up just surpassed four million views on YouTube, and is the second most-viewed rap battle on KOTD's channel.

Their rematch was much lighter fare, with both guys mixing in writtens and freestyles and often keeping the tone humorous.

BattleRap.com was in the building and posted some updates to Twitter.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: @MRDIZASTER is battling @DNA_GTFOH in a rematch

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

You lost so bad I had to come to LA to do my @CASSIDY_LARSINY impression... - @DNA_GTFOH

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

One part of him says "fuck DNA"... another part says "we got 4 million views I love DNA... but math and cortez... I don't trust DNA!" - DNA

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

I'm used to meeting all my bitches through pre-arranged marriages... And i want their faces to be hidden - @MRDIZASTER

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

Are you stupid or what? How many battles can someone do in a month? Everyday a new battle is up. DNA versus who gives a fuck - @MRDIZASTER

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

Got the IQ of a Geico caveman. Where did you find this strange man? You and Michael Strahan have the same type DNA strand - @MRDIZASTER

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

So @MRDIZASTER vs @DNA_GTFOH was dope, particularly if neither of them were really prepared. I'd have to edge Diz but it's not that serious

— BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) June 26, 2016

Shout out to @DNA_GTFOH one of the only dudes that can pull something like this off short notice thanks bro

— GET BODIED (@MRDIZASTER) June 26, 2016

The match-up came at the end of a solid day of battles that highlighted some of the more slept-on talent in the West Coast scene. Standout performances went to PNut, Madflex, and Megadef.

The event is available for pay-per-view purchase here.

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