Eat Up This Mixtape Download of Our Favorites Presented by MEEKS

MEEKS has been paying attention to EDM’s latest releases and has compiled an hour sheer fire music for his Winter Tanz Mixtape. This playlist is the perfect way to sum up the vibes 2017 so far. When you listen to this playlist in a few months or a few years from now, I hope the best memories from these days come flooding back to you.

Instantly add a ton gems to your music collection with this free mixtape download by MEEKS.

You can download this mixtape for free by . The mixtape includes a lot ‘cool down’ tracks and some very chill tunes.

This free mixtape download consists our favorite tracks over the past couple months from artists like, , , , , , , and .

MEEKS aka Michiel Meekers is an EDM enthusiast from Belgium who seems to always have his finger on the pulse the music industry. You can find more on-point playlists by him for free download on his Soundcloud.

Listen to MEEKS Winter Tanz Mixtape below: 

Check out the full tracklist for MEEK’s Winter Tanz Mixtape below: 

‘Better’ ( & Remix) >  ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ ( Remix) > x Helen ‘Tell Me’ >  ‘Holdin On’ > ‘Sunset Lover’ > ‘Touch’ >  ‘Setting Fires’ ( Remix) > – Call On Me ( Remix), Nevada ‘The Mack’ >  ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ ( Remix) > ‘Until the End’ >  ‘And the Living is Easy’ >  ‘Living’ >  ‘Maaya’ > ‘Shape You’ ( Remix) > & ‘Rockabye’ ( Remix) >  & ‘Love On Me’ ( Remix) >  ‘Here I Am’ > ‘Disarm You’ ( Remix)

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