Electric Mantis remixes Mija & Vindata

Electric Mantis just dropped his remix to Better by Mija & Vindata and it is making some noise in the future/chill trap community as it currently sits at just over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud. Electric Mantis adds a beautiful, futuristic touch to an already extraordinary tune.

The tune starts f with a groovy trap beat, backed by a pulsing, ambient chord structure that sets the rest the track up for a really pretty vibe as it develops. Leading into the drop, Electric Mantis provides us with a supreme build that is so unique because its laid-back simplicity just a riser and st chords. The drop is a hit for any future-heads, with relaxed synths saws fluttering atop arpeggiated video game sounds, pushed forward with ease by the sweet beat that is sure to have heads bobbing.

Better is the third out 3 singles that we've heard from Electric Mantis so far in 2017 and with the momentum that we have witnessed so far this year, we can only hope that the ball keeps rolling as the year goes on.

Check out Better here: https://soundcloud.com/electricmantis/mija-vinbetter-electric-mantis-remix