Fake Shelter Live Album Appears on iTunes

Porter Robinson and Madeon are wrapping up their Shelter Tour this weekend at Coachella, so as a fan it might only seem appropriate to get a live album at some point. What do you know, a Shelter Live album popped up for sale on today. Needless to say, the fandom exploded with glee. However, as it turns out this album is a fake and you should stay away.

Over at Porter Robinson’s , the super fans have already done an extensive analysis the iTunes entry and found that it simply doesn’t match up. They have speculated that this live album is actually an upload leaked tracks from the internet. Through a sonic analysis they matched the “release” with the leaks that have popped up. The release has also made its way to Tidal and also matches the leaked files.

It appears somebody is attempting to prit from Porter Robinson and Madeon’s work, and it’s a bit f-putting that they were able to get through both iTunes and Tidal security measures. If you bought this fake album you can request a refund.