FATUM Melds Trance with Pop to Craft the Next Big Summertime Hit

FATUM (pronounced “FATE-um”) is the Grammy-nominated American electronic dance music act consisting long time friends Bill Hamel, Chad Newbold, Bruce Karlsson and Daniel Davis. By combining their passion for creating music they have been able to develop an undeniable sound.

The group’s music career got f to an epic start when their third original single, ‘‘, was released on the coveted Ultra Records and quickly became a sensation as it climbed to a top 10 slot on Beatport’s chart. Building on that track’s success, they came out with two number one singles within Beatport’s trance genre, Anjunabeats‘ ‘‘ and Ride Recording‘s ‘‘.

FATUM’s follow up to their two number one singles was their Grammy-nominated trance remix ‘‘ featuring the lovely vocals Jes Brieden.

Rallying f their success in the trance and progressive house realms electronic music and nomination for “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical”, today they bring us an exceptional dance music single that will have your girlfriends dancing, ‘On My Own’ () featuring Angel Taylor‘s wildly pretty vocals.

FATUM’s addicting new pop meets trance single, ‘On My Own’, is poised to be the next big summertime hit.

The Radio Edit ‘On My Own’ instantly and effortlessly improves your mood as the captivating bassline keeps the energy propelling forward. The melodic and charming synthesizers accompanied with Angel Taylor‘s glorious voice, proves that FATUM is ripe for American radio.

This summertime hit is the perfect soundtrack for cruising down the highway with the top down and festival banners fluttering in the warm breeze.




Take a listen to FATUM’s ‘On My Own’ below:

You know FATUM is at the forefront today’s sounds by recognizing how they create a syncopated rhythm (when strong beats become weak and vice versa) that leaves festival-goers satisfied. There is no denying that the powerful build-ups that burst into massive synths are meant for the main stage.

You can determine that the fluctuating rhythm synchronized with romantic and optimistic lyrics is intended to conjure up feelings love as a thrill ride. The Club Mix ‘On My Own’ is distinguished by an extended intro and outro so you can enjoy the atmosphere they create longer.

Now, FATUM is f for a thrilling ride to Tomorrowland thanks to winning Brussels Airlines’ first ever Global Journey DJ Battle.

Since the group won the DJ battle at in New York City last week, they are now f to perform at Tomorrowland Belgium on the Brussels Airlines stand. FATUM has played at large festivals, prestigious nightclubs and performed live for Anjunabeats-brand events including in Ottawa, Canada, but this upcoming Tomorrowland set is bound to elevate them to new heights.

FATUM is leaving a footprint in the global dance music scene.

With releases on leading record labels like Anjunabeats, Armada Music, Black Hole, Ultra Music and Ride, a Grammy-nomination, the addition their ever growing podcast, their endlessly strengthening passion for music and support from fellow artists like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, The Chainsmokers, Kaskade, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten and others, FATUM is here to stay.

Take a listen to their hit ‘I Ran’ featuring Mike Score below:

Also, enjoy FATUM hosting Anjunabeats Worldwide:

Explore another one FATUM’s recent releases on the Armind label, ‘Justice’:

Finally, make sure to tune into their bi-monthly podcast to keep in touch with the best in EDM by .

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