Find Yourself Where the Jungle Meets Beach for Envision

Imagine yourself on an island where you can literally smell the waves as they crash while your feet dig deep into the sand as you dance along to wondrous tunes with tropical birds chirping along. Bring that daydream into beautiful reality at  2018 this February 22nd-25th.

The music festival is dedicated to highlight and bring to light the potential every human being.

That is done by being a platform for yoga, music, art, education, and spirituality presented by a wide array backgrounds. Envision is held at the ‘Southern Zone’ on the Pacific Coast the warm, sunny country Costa Rica. The location is in Rancho La Merced in Utvita. A very exotic place, where exploring the tranquil paradise is beyond a journey adventure.

Watch a recap video the 2017 experience created by below:

It’s spoken the friendly people who live in the area who are the most wonderful individuals you will stumble upon. The culture to be experienced is described with expressions only amazing things yet it’s too magical to verbalize, and only to understand by experiencing. It’s beyond unimaginable to perfectly illustrate dancing in the jungle, meanwhile, hearing the waves by the coast.

Envision is made up important and focused eight pillars: Permaculture, Spirituality, Movement, Art, Music, Community, Health and Eco Building.

There will astounding amounts workshops, activities, stages, and things to immerse yourself into throughout the whole weekend. There will be plenty time to take in all that the festival is to provide from the above eight pillars.

In five days, attendees will be able to take advantage to give back to the very green jungle, participate by bettering your health in meditation or stretching proundly to yoga, enjoying the creativity notable artists painting, and swaying yourself to the lovely beats played from world-class musicians.

The list can go on and on what all will be provided to those who come to this amazing festival! However, note, the moment you a purchase a ticket, and the moment your feet step to the land Envision, be ready to experience everything you heard but yet nothing you what imagined it will be like. Grab your passes today by .

First Round Music, Art, Workshop Lineup Below:

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