Flume Releases Skin Companion EP II on Vinyl with a Bonus Track

Flume just released his second full-length EP on vinyl, Skin Companion EP II with a bonus single called, ‘Hyperreal’ featuring . This single completes the music from his Skin project.

Skin I and Skin Companion EP II was immediately acknowledged for being Flume’s first full-length release since his self-titled debut nearly four years ago.

Artists such as  and  have made features on Flume’s Skin, acting as a mere taste  Skin’s infused sound and style.

It was soon after the album’s launch when it started receiving recognition beyond its expectation.‘Never Be Like You’ has demonstrated the album’s success perfectly- hitting #8 on the Billboard 200.

Listen to ‘Never Be Like You’:

‘Hyperreal’ is the cherry on top a marvelously crafted EP. The organic, yet upbeat and elegant track brings Skin to a perfect wrap, as well as leaves fans praying for Flume’s next project- hoping it is not another four years away.

Listen to ‘Hyperreal’:

The full tracklist to Skin Companion EP II:

A1. Hyperreal feat. Kučka A2. Enough feat. Pusha A3. Depth Charge B1. Weekend feat. Moses Sumney B3. Fantastic feat. Dave Glass Animals

Flume left his Instagram post hinting at more shows coming up, maybe another tour in the works.

So far, here are the stops he has lined up for the summer:

Make sure to pick up your copy the Skin Companion EP II on vinyl by .

Bonus Music: Check out this collection remixes the Skin EP:

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