Founding Member of One of Dubstep's Groups Has Decided To Part Ways

Modestep os a group that has shaped the world both live performance dance music as well as dubstep as a whole over the past eight years. The London formed group is a crossover rock/metal, electronic band and their work has more or less be absolutely superb.

Modestep Loses Another Founder

Over the past eight years since the group's inception a handful the original members have decided to part ways. At the beginning the year only two original members remained. Now today we have learned that the count has dropped to one. Tony Friend announced through the group's Facebook page today that it was time for him to depart the band.

Tony cites that there is no bad blood between him and his creation, but more that he feels he has contributed all he possibly could to the group. His brother, Josh is the final founding member the group remaining, and rightly so as he is their front man. We wish the best luck to both Tony in his solo endeavors as well as Modestep as a whole moving forward. You can read the full statement in the post below.