Fyre Festival Hit With Another Lawsuit, This Makes 3 So Far

Fyre Festival continues to deal with legal blows following the Fyre Festival disaster. The event's co-founders, Bill McFarland and Ja Rule, were hit with a on Sunday, followed by . Now, Fyre Media and chief marketing ficer Grant Margolin were hit with a third class-action lawsuit.

Similar to the previous lawsuits, Anthony Lauriello and Matthew Herlihy are suing Fyre organizers over “material omissions, negligence and false representations.”

Lauriello and Herlihy each purchased $1,027 ticket packages while Herlihy put $900 and Lauriello put $1,000 on wristbands that were supposed to be used as cash. Lauriello also states that he was robbed his sneakers, headphones and other personal items.

“Upon the arrival guests to the island Great Exuma for the first weekend, the island was lacking basic amenities, was covered in dirt, and guests had to sleep in tents with wet blankets,” the complaint states. “There were no communal showers or bathrooms as promised; instead there were porta potties (only about one for every 200 yards) that were knocked down and only three showers although there were hundreds people arriving … Additionally, there were no other basic amenities like soap, sunscreen and shampoo, and no electricity.”

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