Gorillaz Vandalism Spotted Inside Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Calls to boycott the has been an on-going theme after video surfaces vandals seen graffitiing the band's recent album, Humanz, onto the pavement in a Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The Memorial grounds posted to Facebook “just when you think you've seen it all, some moron surprises you. Sometime before April 30 some idiot associated with this band put nine stencils on the walkways and desecrated the Memorial with its name and their new album. The hip hop??? group Gorillaz just released an album, Humanz, on April 29 and will be at Penns Landing on July 13. Spread the word that this group is not worthy your support.”

Since the initial post, the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial has asked for a boycott the Gorillaz concert on July 12th at Penns Landing and boycott the Gorillaz in general. Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's president told Philly.com, “After all these years and the sweat to build the memorial and to refurbish it and to try to recognize the sacrifice veterans in the Vietnam War, then we get crap like this.”

At the time the posting, Gorillaz have yet to make a statement on the boycott and there is no evidence that supports that the vandals were associated with Gorillaz.