Groove Cruise Miami's Lineup Packs Plenty of Energy to Fuel the Voyage

Sail your way into the ocean while dancing all day and night at  this coming January 26th-29th. Sailing to the islands Cococay and Nassau, Groove Cruise will be providing a premier selection music, amenities, and thrilling or chilling activities.

Groove Cruise is known for selecting a vast variety musicians to please all tastes in music.

From trance, house, to techno, the selection will be limitless. Exclusive artists like , , , , , Marcus Schulz and many more favorites will be on deck performing throughout the cruise.

Check out the full Groove Cruise lineup below.

Noting that the music will be a key aspect Groove Cruise, it’s also, because the amount additional activities, and amenities the cruise will have to fer. The inner-child each person will come out as each night there will be a theme for everyone to dress up and keep the night trendy.

Meanwhile wearing their most fashionable attire, they will also have a chance to go enjoy mouth watering food and refreshing drink packages, then engage in energy filled activities like yoga, rock climbing and on-board bungee trampolines.

Even though all the fun will be taking place on the ship, energy will need to be reserved as the enjoyable experience goes beyond the voyage.

As the attendees step onto the ports famously known islands Cococay and Nassau, their eyes will be glistening as to what they will be gazing upon.

Throughout the first stop, there will be a main and underground stage standing for breathtaking performances. At the same time, anyone could benefit from laying out on the beaches, maybe even go swim at sea with dolphins or explore the island with the locals.

The party will continue at the second stop which is the largest fort Bahamas, Fort Charlotte for a fully immersive experience.

Attendees will come across two additional stages with musical jams from more talented artists. Dancing on the island to amazing tunes, this fort will have more to fer than ever to add the cherry on top to this trip. The island will be a playground since there will be demonstrations cannon firing will be involved,  and exploring dungeons will be taking place. The adventure never stops.

From GA, VIP to packages, there is a variety ticket options to assure you enjoy it to the fullest! Get the full details and purchase your tickets !

Grab your captain hat, unicorn floaties and tune into the Groove Cruise playlist below in preparation for the voyage.

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