Illenium Set to Debut His Signature Melodic Dubstep at EDC Vegas

 has what is possibly one my favorite musical styles in the wide world EDM. The melodic dubstep producer blends melodic feels with hard hitting bass to create tracks that will have you hitting replay. Over the past couple years, Illenium‘s rise through the ranks EDM has been positively meteoric. 2016 was marked by the Denver resident’s Ashes Tour that swept through the United States.

Illenium’s melodic dubstep has become an essential addition to festival lineups.

This June, he will be playing his debut performance at EDC Las Vegas. He will also be performing during EDC Week with trance king Armin van Buuren. We selected one our favorite tracks ‘Only One’ for you to enjoy for .

‘Only One’ is one Illenium‘s signature tracks, featuring haunting vocals partnered with heavy synthesizers. Nina Sung‘s choral style underlines the deep emotion in the lyrics ‘Only One’ and pairs perfectly with the electro-house styling the track.

It opens with a mellow tone and gradually escalates through the build. When the track hits its chorus, Illenium moves from melodic stylization to heavy synthesizers that top the track perfectly.

“You were the only one that kept me alive.”

I recently saw Illenium perform as an opener when stopped over in New York. Illenium performed many fan favorites, from his remix Kaskade‘s ‘‘, to ‘‘ and ‘‘. Of course, he dropped ‘Only You’ during his hour-long opening set.

As Illenium continues his ascension through the EDM ranks, we will be seeing more incredible tracks from the talented producer. 2017 is only halfway over but Illenium has already dropped beautiful tracks like ‘‘ and ‘‘.

Get ready for Illenium’s EDC debut by listening and ‘Only One’:

Another single that represents the young producer’s unique melodic dubstep is, ‘With You’.

‘With You’ opens with melodic saccharine notes reminiscent an acoustic piano. In typical Illenium fashion, the melody morphs seamlessly with underlying beats to completely transform. In seconds the song goes from sweet acoustic to a track with a smooth beat and light synthesizers. Quinn XCII lends his mellow vocals to this track that flows between slow and fast beats.

“I may need you to be stronger if I’m not there with you.”

‘With You’ is a powerful track with evocative lyrics, melodic beats, and an addicting flow. This track stands out among Illenium‘s many hits, with its more laidback beat.

Illenium will have a busy summer, playing festivals from coast to coast across the United States. Illenials can catch the melodic dubstep producer at , , , , , and . Not able to make any these festivals? Illenium will also be playing several individual shows across the United States. Click to see all his tour dates and locations.

Enjoy ‘With You’ below:

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