Jon Casey: Kingdom Remix

Miss Daisy Kong Artist Collective revealed a new track called “Kingdom Remix” by up and coming South African Artist Jon Casey. This remix is a follow-up to Casey's solo EP “Rockefeller” which came out late last month on Slow Roast Records. Jon Casey has been putting serious work in since the end 2015 to perfect his craft and all his hard work is clearly paying f. “Kingdom Remix” and “Rockefeller EP” are some the most experimental and unique projects I ever heard, boasting a sound similar to the legendary Mr. Carmack.

“Kingdom Remix” starts f with a spacey ambience leading into the grimey chopped & screwed lyrics vocalist Aaron Lee, spitting the values paving your own way and staying strong through trials and tribulations. The lyrics come across with a low demonic vibe, bouncing back and forth over the sound a grinding metal lead. This momentum carries into the build toward the drop, in which Casey pitches the vocals upward to form an extraterrestrial sort suspense into the massive release. The tune has one single drop that strikes full force with brass hits and trap synth leads, backed by an array percussive fills and samples before Aaron Lee transitions us to the outro.

Jon Casey has made 2 major releases so far this year, both with huge potential. Rockefeller EP even made the “United States Viral 50” charts on Spotify, coming in at number 13 on the list. Casey said he recently started “doing shows to grow my platform solely for the love music”, so hopefully we can look forward to catching some awesome live sets in 2017.

For now, check out “Kingdom Remix” below: