Justin Bieber Slammed To The Ground In Hotel Fist Fight

Cleveland, OH - Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber threw hands at his hotel in Cleveland last night, according to TMZ.

In a short video clip shot at a distance by an onlooker, the "Sorry" singer is captured arguing with a man much larger than himself. There's some shoving before the two swing at each other and then the man takes Bieber to the ground while several people try to stop the fight.

The clip provides no clues about what started the altercation or what happened after the video ends.

Bieber was reportedly in Cleveland for Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Cleveland took home a convincing 120-90 win, but still trail the series 2-1.

Watch the video of Bieber below.

Justin responded to the news with a selfie on IG, captioned "Not a scratch on this pretty boy," before deleting it shortly after.

Justin Bieber Slammed To The Ground In Hotel Fist Fight

Here's some reaction from Twitter too.

This how Justin Bieber looked after he threw his fair punch. pic.twitter.com/ufkDG2ntEo

— ARTSY WEIRDO (@DonArtistry) June 9, 2016

Bieber put hands on him first, threw the first punch and STILL got his ass whooped. Ain't God good? pic.twitter.com/Rs9ohlVrpZ

— ㅤ (@GodHatesBernie) June 9, 2016

How the fuck are Bieber fans defending him when he threw the first punch in a FIST FIGHT

— Sarah Giordano (@sarahggiordano) June 9, 2016

Justin Bieber getting pancaked after throwing a punch at a bigger dude is hilarious

— Sean Patrick (@NewJerseySean) June 9, 2016

Daaaaaamn, Bieber got in one good punch but then got taken DOWN. RIP Justin, I'll never forget you </3

— Monica Lewinsky (@nikolaijericho) June 9, 2016

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