Kayzo Shares Opinions On Industry Through Twitter

Kayzo Shares Opinions On Industry Through Twitter

Kayzo Shares Opinions On Industry Through Twitter

In this day and age, there is no shortage opinions on the topic music, especially EDM. Every artist has their opinion on what the genre should consist , even if they don’t outwardly promote that opinion. Up and coming electronic artist Kayzo took to Twitter Sunday night to share his thoughts with his followers.

Kayzo’s comments resonate with anyone that worries about the culture EDM being tainted by people who are only interested in making money at the cost the music. His comments opened up the floor for debate from many his followers. People threw out big time names such as The Chainsmokers and DJ Snake as these artists particularly tend to be the subject matter similar discussions. Kayzo promptly responded to these claims.

Ironically both DJ Snake and The Chainsmokers liked his tweets even when his fanbase was mistaking them for his targets. The artist also garnered support from fellow peers Herobust and Getter amongst others.

Some people may take these opinions the wrong way, but it seems as though Kayzo is coming from the right place with his concern. The culture EDM and “rave” music is special and all the producers and artists who claim to be a part that culture should be trying to enrich it instead using it for their own benefit.

Check out Kayzo’s Soundcloud below to listen to his musical ferings.

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