KSHMR Releases New Edition of 8-part Mix Series

KSHMR,  a wildly popular house DJ, has been a consistent entertainer for 2 years now by redefining the traditional structure house music. He prefers a contemporary spin to his sound, and executes his ideas perfectly into each song he creates. It's easy to miss a beat from this active artist, due to his constant drops sick electro-house music.

KSHMR kept his identity unknown until he was unveiled in 2015 by  at the UMF Stage when the debuted their hit single “Secrets.” Since then, creator Niles Hollowell-Dhar has managed to produce a multitude tunes that automatically enhance happiness, with his most recent release “Two Minds” with fellow DJ Crossnaders.

The series, “WELCOME TO KSHMR” began in 2014, and is actually available for free download on Soundcloud. The differences between volume one and volume eight signify the advancements KSHMR has made in his career since his early roots, primarily his drastic shift from intense house music to his current progressive house music. Stream it below on YouTube.

This mix is exciting, spontaneous, and all-around a great way to spend 46 minutes. With lively features such as
Teamworx, Sick Individuals, Jayden Jaxx & Hasit Nanda, Bassjacker, Porter Robinson, & , this mix is nothing short excellence. My personal favorite is his remix Parvati Khan's song “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja”, but it is truly difficult to narrow down each aspect into a hierarchy superiority. Don't forget to check out/download his first mix to compare the differences. Which one do you like better?