Kygo and Sandro Cavazza pay homage to Avicii on ‘Forever Yours’ [Stream]

Not every rough cut work-in-progress played on a tour bus actually sees the light of day. But when Sandro Cavazza played Avicii an early version of something that he was working while the two were en route to Bayfront Park for Ultra Music Festival in 2016, Avicii heard something special and converted Cavazza’s draft just before he took the main stage in Miami. Almost four years after the ID’s debut, “Forever Yours,” which was one of ten new productions that Avicii debuted that night, has now officially received its shining moment.

Shortly after Avicii’s death in 2018, Sandro Cavazza expressed that idea of completing the Avicii co-venture, but only if he found the proper producer to do so. He found that match in Kygo, whom he had previously worked with a few months following the loss of Avicii on “Happy Now.” Says Cavazza,

“This version of ‘Forever Yours’ is a tribute to Tim that me and Kygo have put together to honor what he has meant to both of us. The music we made together has changed my life and my perspective of music. He was Kygo’s biggest Idol and biggest inspiration and that’s what has made this tribute possible.”

In a behind the scenes video of how this tribute version exactly came about, Kygo explained that collaborating with Avicii was always a dream of his, so “Forever Yours” is an endearing compromise for famed tropical house producer. While this rendition may not have resulted in a note-for-note copy of the unfinished 2016 demo, Kygo and Cavazza manage to maintain the original’s genuine, sincere essence.

All proceeds from the release of “Forever Now” will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation in support of mental health awareness.

Featured image: Rukes