L.L. Cool J Wants President Obama to Pardon Big Meech Before He Leaves Office

L.L. Cool J Wants President Obama to Pardon Big Meech Before He Leaves Office
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LL Cool J wants President Obama to pardon brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory BMF.

In an impassioned, lengthy Instagram post yesterday (Jan. 8), LL made the case for Big Meech and Terry to be pardoned because they were incarcerated for non-violent drug fenses.

“If they were pardoned I’m sure they would do the right thing,” LL wrote. “It’s a matter character. From the outside looking in I think they both have it. Although they set what some would call a negative example I think the second chapter their lives could potentially bring a lot healing and inspiration to a down trodden community and show all our citizens that the USA is a country where second chances are possible.”

Big Meech was arrested in connection to the shooting death former Sean “Diddy” Combs bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones but was later cleared on self-defense, and while there were reportedly murders associated with BMF, neither Meech or Terry were ever charged with those crimes. They are currently serving a 30 year prison sentence.

Obama is being pressured by public advocacy groups to pardon several high-prile people during his last two weeks in fice, Edward Snowden among them. The pressure for pardons is likely linked to Obama’s legacy as the most generous grantor clemency ins modern presidential history—he’s granted 148 presidential pardons in his time in fice, a number that exceeds the combined total the last six presidents.

Even still, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll pardon the Flenory brothers but then, the 2016 presidential election definitively proved that stranger things have happened.

Check out L.L.’s Instagram post below.



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