Let's Talk Matoma: Life is Beautiful Exclusive Interview

Before Life Is Beautiful set, our team gained some insight into his exotic life with an exclusive interview. Tom Stræte Lagergren, better known as Matoma, has quickly become one the most credited tropical house DJ’s and producers with over 260,000 followers on . The Norwegian artist displayed his many musical talents at his packed set at .

Let’s Talk Matoma: Life is Beautiful Exclusive Interview

What initiated your tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.? Do you consider yourself a huge fan?

Are you happy with the feedback the track received?

Listen to Matoma’s iconic tribute Biggie here:

So, are you a Spotify or SoundCloud person?

Are you happy that SoundCloud is still around?

Check out Matoma’s track, False Alarm:

In a previous interview you mentioned, “life will always sort itself out if you spread good energy and love.” What have you gone through to have an open perspective?

What is the dynamic like with the people that tour with you?

Not to put you on the spot or anything, but do we hear any wedding bells in the future?

Give Matoma’s “Girl at Coachella” a play:

You just released another collaboration with  How was that entire production process compared to the last time you worked with them?

Listen to Matoma’s latest collaboration with The Vamps, Staying Up:

Thanks for chatting with us, Matoma!

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