Life is Beautiful Artist Spotlight: TroyBoi

While every single artist on the lineup for this year’s festivities at in Downtown Las Vegas are remarkable and sure to blow your mind, one artist on the lineup that we advise that you must see is trap enthusiast, .

Troy Henry aka expands his musical boundaries once more as he dips into multiple genres with his latest album, Left is Right.

If you are familiar with the rising DJ and producer from South East London, you most likely know his trap masterpieces ‘OG’ and ‘ili’. These classic TroyBoi tracks that never get old are 2 out 20 on his latest album. The much anticipated album that has been in the works for over two years also debuts new works art including ‘Hooper’ which features rapper Healthy Chill.

Listen to TroyBoi’s new album Left is Right that is out now!

I had the pleasure seeing TroyBoi and ‘s debut performance ‘Hooper’ recently at in Las Vegas and I can confidently say that it was the best performance I have seen him yet. If this is any indication how his tour will go, you will not want to miss out. His Next huge outing will be opening for STS9 at Red Rocks this Sunday.

TroyBoi just kicked f his “Left is Right” tour in honor the album release on September 5th and has tour dates around North America until December 2nd.

Furthermore, TroyBoi recently started the DJ duo with one his close acquaintances IceKream. He has mastered the art mixing trap, electro-house, dance-pop and dubstep, and more within his music and refers to his diverse and multiple infused genre style as “my style.”

Check out the rest the Life Is Beautiful lineup below and make sure to get your tickets for ┬áto catch a glimpse TroyBoi‘s magic by .

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