Louis The Child Comes Out With an Infectious Hip-Hop Single

Chicago’s own, Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett , just came out with a track called, ‘‘, that I still cannot stop playing. Last time they teamed up with Elohim to create a melodic track with soaring female vocals. Now, they switch gears by welcoming Blaise Railey into the studio to lay down some bars to make a hip-hop single.

Louis The Child comes out with an on-point hip-hop groove that further solidifies their music theory prowess.

This one starts f with airy notes and pleasant synth progressions. Then Blaise comes in as smooth as possible with homie vibes for the fam. The dynamics this track will without a doubt keep you involved.

Louis The Child runs a mellowed out hip-hop beat to bring things down to earth for a moment.

Make sure to catch these guys on tour this winter to enjoy a performance that will take you across a vast soundscape. Check out their tour dates below:

Listen to ‘Phone Died’ by Louis The Child feat. Blaise Railey below: 

Also, indulge into the rest their infectious new singles by checking out their Soundcloud.

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