Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers

Major Minor x Aerborn - Smokers and Jokers

Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers

Today we have a real treat for you from a brand new Australian duo to EDMTunes named Major Minor. Their first ficial “Smokers & Jokers” comes to us  Uprise Music. The budding young production duo from Whitsundays, Australia connect with Brisbane-based vocalist Aerborn, delivering an angelic, breezy vocal over the laid-back, pan flute driven production. They first started experimenting with electronic music about 3 years ago with the sub-genre that was most popular at the time down under, Melbourne Bounce. Fast forward a few years and they’ve finally discovered their sound – an eclectic mix Tropical elements with Trap percussion they coined “Tropical Trap.” We can’t wait to hear more material from them. 

“Smokers and Jokers was a song based on the darkest period my life. After I graduated I became lost trying to find a path and couldn’t distinguish my own personality anymore. I got caught up in the fun party lifestyle and created my reality around that. Eventually when I’d come back down to earth I didn’t feel like myself anymore, so the cycle would start again. This song was my self awakening to what I was doing to not only my own body but everyone around me. It is vulnerable, raw has a feeling both hope and sadness.”

Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers |

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