Marshmello Melds with Ookay to Create Melodic yet Bass Heavy Ear Candy

and make for a great collaboration as they show us with their recently released melodic single ‘Chasing Colors’, featuring Noah Cyrus. The combination Ookay‘s bass heavy influence melded together with Mello’s tasty drops, creates for a wildly catchy banger.

‘Chasing Colors’ will make you fall in love with Marshmello and Ookay if you are not already.

Marshmello will be extremely busy this summer touring the U.S., Europe, Asia and he just got back from South America. You will be able to find him holding the party down at , , , , in Las Vegas for two sets during EDC week, ,  at The Gorge and at .

It is hard to imagine a better summer run… Check out his full tour dates and locations by , chances are he will be in your neighborhood.

California based Ookay will be throwing down at ,  (Thailand), Bonnaroo, and Paradiso, so you can bet these two will be partying together and hopefully dreaming up a new collaboration and supporting each other on stage.

If Noah’s soaring lyrics don’t encapsulate you in ‘Chasing Colors’ then you’ll be filled up by Ookay’s warming bass or the playful drop by Marshmello.

Listen to ‘Chasing Colors’ by Marshmello and OoKay below: 

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