Mija – Secrets (Crankdat Remix)

Mija - Secrets (Crankdat Remix)

Mija – Secrets (Crankdat Remix)

Just when you thought ‘Secrets‘ by Mija couldn’t get any grittier, Crankdat gives us his electrifying rendition that is sure to make your heart rattle.

The song keeps the overall essence the catchy tune and its energetic vocals, but the track goes into overdrive and drops into a serious headbanger. The upbeat track is flipped on its head and given a bass-heavy, gritty dubstep makeover. Crankdat manages to still capture the prettiness the song. If you didn’t already know, Mija got the green lights from Tegan and Sarah for the use their vocals on the original single. The vocals surely bring together the energy-driven vibe the song, which Crankdat plays around with on his remix.

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