Moonrise 2017 Will Be Bigger, Better and Safer

The most obvious sign growth is being able to admit to mistakes and show how things will change. The team behind Moonrise Festival clearly knows this, considering the lengthy statement its Co-Founder and President, Evan Weinstein, recently released on the event’s Facebook page.

We highlight some issues that Moonrise had last year and how the curators plan to ameliorate them this year.

In terms general event setup, the fact that Moonrise plans to do better with providing shade and water stations is a huge deal. Last year, there were only a few shady spaces throughout the festival grounds, and attendees were, for the most part, hard-pressed to find somewhere to cool f.

Check out the Moonrise 2017 map below:

As for the water stations, it is a relief to find out that the event will be working to improve this.  volunteers distributed ice last year, and at times water too, which was very helpful. Still, the new water units set to be used this year sound like they will make a huge difference in speeding up the lines at fill-up stations.

The larger issues last year, as many you already know, had to do with event safety and security. Troubling reports about the event’s security team plagued the event, and nearly overshadowed the actual successes last year. It’s great to learn that there will be new security teams and much-needed, effective oversight security.

Similarly, issues in the parking lots were widely reported last year, and it helps to hear that there will be more f-duty police present, specifically. Adding in more security personnel, and parking lot attendees is also a great step.

The traffic exiting the event on the last day the festival last year was bumper-to-bumper, so hiring a team to design and manage parking plans will surely make a huge difference.

The release an ficial Moonrise Festival app is long overdue. Many the most renowned, large-scale festivals have an app by default. Since Moonrise presumably wants to continue to grow and become more a staple-event, this is a big move. Having communication tools within the app is a great help, too.

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Most importantly, connecting information booths and the event management command post will help combat any Рand we hope there are none Рserious issues that might arise for attendees.

As the festival approaches this weekend, we hope that reading about the ways that these improvements actually have real, positive implications for the event will make attending this year something to look forward to.

Finally, you have to appreciate how strong the lineup for Moonrise 2017 is, behold below:

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