Morgan Page Heats Up The Summer with Back to Back Track Releases

Morgan Page, Grammy-nominated Music Producer and ever-present DJ, continues to prove his dedication and passion for dance music. Morgan’s known for the electrifying progressive house and electro tracks he’s produced over the years, and now he heats up the summer with back to back track releases.

In 2008, Morgan won the hearts thousands admirers with his track, The Longest Road, featured on his album, Deadmau5’s timeless, imaginative, vocal remix was the icing on the cake.

A decade later, Morgan Page heats up the summer with back to back track releases.

This gifted, winsome producer continues to release ardent, soulful tracks. He has a way capturing emotion beautifully. His distinct sound resembles a euphoric utopia, yet a melancholic hole his audience relates with. Fans can truly feel and understand Morgan’s experiences through their headphones.

In June, released a heartbreaking track featuring , Fight My Way.

“I’m not over it
Can I take you back in time?
Back when you were mine
You got me feeling sick…”


Now, he blesses our ears with a beautiful, acoustic version.

“I’m gonna take another shota shot in the dark
I’m gonna fight my way
Back to your heart…”


It doesn’t stop there. At the beginning July, he released a playful remix ‘s Sunday Finest.

“Put on your Sunday finest
And party like it’s Saturday night…”


In 2016, he released on , Don’t Give Up, featuring vocalist from The Longest Road, .

“You set the sun, I feel your waves
I look at the ocean, so big and brave
Am I only a ghost?
Cause what I fear the most is me
I left you on the coast for something only I can see…”


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