Music World, You Can Stop Panicking: SoundCloud Isn't Going Anywhere

The past few days have been filled with spinning rumors about the current state , and fate , one the most prominent music streaming services in the music industry today: SoundCloud. 

Many people have begun to fret that they would lose the music they’ve uploaded to share with the world or tracks that they’ve saved from some their favorite artists. There have been op-eds and articles on said rumors, with conversations running in circles about what will happen if the platform is truly at its end.

But don’t worry.

We first had a hunch that all the rumors would be dispelled when Chance The Rapper tweeted this out earlier today:

Then, in a statement released on the today, aptly titled “SoundCloud is here to stay.”, Founder and CEO Alex Ljung wrote:

So don’t fret, friends and music lovers. Your music isn’t going anywhere. Not right now, at least.