Must Listen To Podcasts For Every Day Of The Week

It seems like now a days almost every DJ, producer, or artist in the EDM scene has their own type podcast, radio show, or mix series.]With all these shows it is getting very hard to track when they all air and what type genre they are. This is why I made this post to hopefully help. Below I will list a few podcasts for every day the week that are must listens and when to listen to them. All them are on the website  where you can make a to remind you when all the shows start, and get yourself a weekly schedule.


12pm-2pm EST

2pm-3pm EST


3pm-4pm EST

5pm-6pm EST


2pm-3pm EST

11am-1pm EST


11am-12pm EST

12pm-2pm EST

2pm-4pm EST


1pm-2pm EST

2pm-4pm EST

4pm-5pm EST


9am-11am EST

5pm-7pm EST


12pm-1pm EST

1pm-2pm EST


Hope this helps with your weekly grind!


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