New Avicii Album Titles And TrackLists Leaked

New Avicii Album Titles And TrackLists Leaked

For all the Avicii fans out there who have been patiently awaiting his return, your wait may finally be over come August. The Swedish DJ aka Tim Berg, met with Lindst Jobke Universal Music Sweden and appeared to have jotted down a few new tracks that will ultimately be released on a two part EP.

The first EP titled, Lord, is scheduled for release in early September and the second is scheduled to be released in October (these dates may change). Although the first EP is planned for its debut in September, Avicii will be releasing some his new singles in August. It is not clear as to why the album will be separated into 2 EP’s however, it is said that Tim wanted to tell a story and the styles tracks on the 2 part album are being split to help paint a better picture for listeners. Read more about the leaked tracklist on .

The photo above lists the tracks to be featured on Lord as, ‘Without You‘, ‘Lonely Together‘, ‘You Be Love‘, and ‘What Would I Change It To‘. Avicii posted a teaser onto his Instagram page with these exact song titles in the hashtags yesterday and fans are thrilled. Read more about the teaser .

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