NGHTMRE Remixes Terror Squad's 'Lean Back' And It's Going To Take Over The Summer

NGHTMRE is one the biggest names in the EDM scene right now and an even bigger deal in the Trap community. He is known for his fire remixes and filthy trap tracks. In the past 30 days alone he has remixed ‘Goosebumps' by Travis Scott, ‘Here Comes The Night' by , & collabed with Ghastly on ‘End Of The Night'; those 3 songs have accumulated over 4 MILLION plays on Soundcloud alone.

His new remix Terror Squad's ‘Lean Back' is an instant classic. Bringing amazing trap synths and drums to one the most popular rap tracks in history was sure to be a hit. It is out now on Soundcloud, and will be out Friday 5/5 on Spotify. Stream it below and enter nostalgia city infused by a little bit genius by the great NGHTMRE


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