NWYR Is The New Side Project of W&W That Focuses Primarily On Trance

Earlier this year, W&W made a special appearance on Hardwell’s On Air 300 celebration to announce that they were working on a side project that had tons unreleased music waiting to be released. While it wasn’t known at the time, NWYR was being birthed.

When Ultra Music Festival dropped phase 2 its lineup, Pierre-luc Cote asked “Where is W&W” in which Ultra responded “Look closer… ;)”

NWYR Is The New Side Project  W&W That Focuses Primarily On Trance

Around the same time, W&W also mentioned on Facebook that they “got tons new music coming” and there was music “even for the Trance heads out there.”

With little known about their side project, fans were growing weary who the mysterious NWYR was on the lineup. Fans soon began to put 2 and 2 together and noticed that the Y in “NWYR” looked like another W, thus making W&W.

NWYR Is The New Side Project  W&W That Focuses Primarily On Trance

Just prior to Ultra Music Festival 2017, the duo dropped their new remix Ed Sheeran’s “Castle On The Hill.” The remix was greeted by trance fans around the world.

Fast-forward a week to Ultra Music Festival 2017 where NWYR performed live at the ASOT stage. Throughout their set, W&W dropped in their massive 16-track setlist.

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