Released in April, Nyxen's "Is It Love" is the standout composition you should be adding to the playlist gearing you up for summer. Out now on   , the newest single from the Sydney, AUS-raised producer and multi-instrumentalist Nyxen (pronounced Nixon) comes f the success her , which saw massive blog support and it made on Spotify's New Music Friday and the US viral charts. Both soothing and addicting-ly energizing, "Is It Love" comes just in time for Summer, a perfect hybrid for those chill mid-day rotop jams or poolside lounging.

Nyxen - Is It Love (Original Mix)

The track begins with an opening acoustic guitar riff, with tropical melodies and drums added on top before a swirling buildup cascades into deep house synths. Despite the initial simplicity the guitar sample, the song structure expertly incorporates a plethora  musical elements - snare drums seamlessly move in and out amongst the various progressions, and non-sensical ambient vocals delightfully decorate the piece throughout. "Is It Love" has the ability to cross into the mainstream radio charts, and you could just find yourself listening to it at your local Starbucks someday. This has, no doubt, left you craving more, so head on over to Nyxen's SoundCloud and check out her guest feature on the Triple J Mixup. Her sounds range from experimental pieces like this, to nu disco, to upbeat house.

Nyxen - Triple J Mixup With Lewis McKirdy

Another Australian contributing to the already vibrant yet rapidly expanding deep house scene there, Nyxen comes up alongside chart-topping live trio  and longtime favorite Dirty South's relatively into the genre. Like the latter, she even took a stab at reworking the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition," adding a slower, more funky  to the indie classic. Needless to say, we expect big things from this bright young producer from Down Under, so make sure you stay updated her socials!

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